Northgate Lighting (Logo / Website / Social Media)

Logo: - Sketch

Framework: - Wordpress

Social Media Accounts: - Linkedin - Facebook - Twitter

The Company: Northgate Lighting stock a wide variety of lighting products. They offer consultancy services on how to choose the right products to help save energy, cut the cost of energy expenses and reduce carbon footprint.

Logo: A logo which is simple yet stylish was made with the theme of the lighting industry being met with the glow of the yellow above the text, symbolising a lightbulb.

Website: We created Northgate a online catalogue which had the ideology of informing the user, this was achieved through images, tables, datasheets and matching products. The website is a responsive design. The clean, condensed version of the site gives a similar feel to an app on smartphones and tablets. This is due to the interface, as large thumbnails make a more familar UX.

Social Media: Previously the company had no presence on social media so we created them Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts so the company could start to utilise the free marketing of social media. All accounts are linked within the header of the website and a twitter widget has been installed to the home page of their site.